Did you know that if you have diarrhea and vomiting for several days, chances are you have the stomach flu? This is a viral infection that leads to irritation and inflammation in the small intestine. This condition is called Gastroenteritis.  

While it is not harmful, in some cases, it can be severe if you do not notice its symptoms and get treatment. So, learn about those symptoms and prevention in the article on stomach flu. 

Stomach flu or Gastroenteritis is a viral infection that affects your intestines and causes irritation or inflammation of your gut. You can notice symptoms such as diarrhea, stomach cramps, nausea, vomiting, or fever. This happens when you come in contact with the infected person or eat contaminated food.  

Although, it will heal on its own (in several days or quicker) if you’re healthy. But in some cases, if you develop symptoms of dehydration, you need emergency medical care or need to be admitted to the hospital.  


Stomach flu is caused by a viral infection when you come in contact with an infected person or contaminated food or water. There are 2 types of viral infections that can cause stomach flu: 

  1. Rotavirus 
  1. Norovirus 


Stomach flu symptoms start to show up after some time when you got the infection, and may present as: 

If symptoms of dehydration show up such as dry mouth, dry skin, feeling lightheaded, sunken muscles, or extremely thirsty, visit your doctor.  

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To diagnose viral gastroenteritis, your doctor asks for the symptoms you are experiencing. Your doctor also does a quick stool test or a physical exam to detect the virus. But it only works with rotavirus or norovirus, not with other viral infections.  

In some cases, doctors might also ask you to submit a stool test sample to check for the possibility of bacterial or parasitic infection. A sigmoidoscopy test may be done to look for the signs of inflammatory bowel disease (in the large intestine).  


Treatment involves hygiene practices and self-care measures, such as: 

Keep yourself healthy without worries! 

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To prevent this disease from infecting you or people around you, follow these steps:  

Stomach flu is a viral infection that can be prevented if you take the necessary precautions. And if it happens, it can be cured if you take care of yourself properly. But if you notice symptoms of dehydration, seek medical help immediately.  

Want to know what rules to follow to prevent stomach infections?  

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