Fungal infections happen when you encounter a tiny fungus such as mold and mildew. Fungi are everywhere around us. And only half of them are harmful. If you come into contact with harmful fungi, you can get an infection. Its symptoms show in the form of a rash, swollen bump, or red itchy spot on your skin. Talk to a specialist for infectious diseases if you have any concerns. 

While most of them don’t make you sick, they are curable. But in case you have a weaker immune system, you need to be cautious about them as they can be dangerous for you. Noticing the symptoms and taking treatment can help you prevent them by consulting a doctor of Infectious diseases. 

Common fungal infections 

There are 5 types of fungal infections that are commonly found:  

  1. Athlete’s foot 
  2. Yeast infection 
  3. Jock itch 
  4. Ringworm 
  5. Nail fungus 



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